Monday, May 3, 2010

Organic Turmeric Uses for Blood Purification on Skin disorders

Organic Turmeric is classified in our Charak Samhita text as a:

  1. Rakta prasadan dravya, which means it purifies blood,
  2. Rakta bardhak means maintain all blood constituents.
  3. Kusthaghna means reduces any type of skin disease.

Some very simple formulations which can be prepared at home for various generalized skin lesions like itching, redness, swelling, rising from impure blood, also specific diseases like poriasis, ezema, uticaria etc. These simple formulations can be taken at the initial manifestation of the disease could completely eradicate the symptoms and in chronic cases, any of the following simple formulations when taken along with any medications could help improve the condition of the disease faster.

  1. 3 gms of Organic Turmeric with 5 ml Distilled cow’s urine twice a day, in empty stomach. OR
  2. 3 gms of Organic Turmeric mixed with 10 ml butter (unsalted) twice a day after food. OR
  3. 5 gms of Organic Turmeric with 2 gms of Raw sugar called misiri, twice a day empty stomach.

The above combination is selected for internal intake, according to the clients Vikruti Dosha.

For external applications, following are some simple paste prepartions:

  1. 5gm Organic Turmeric powder with 30 gms Organic Neem Powder, mix it in butter (unsalted). Then make a paste and put that as a pack on the total area. This reducers the itching of the skin.
  2. 5 gms Organic Turmeric powder with 30 ml juice of Duba leaves, mix it with plain water. Then make a paste and put it as a pack on the total area. This helps reducing the disease like poriasis and ezema symptoms.

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